recommend_stampAt Happitots Nursery Cumbernauld our experienced staff team are passionate about providing exciting experiences for your child. We offer a high quality childcare service tailored to your needs – whether it be in our crèche or in our day nursery.

What’s included?

At Happitots we offer a wide range of exciting experiences tailored to promote child development.

These include…

FREE Spanish Lessons

Healthy home-cooked meals

Rooftop Garden

E-Learning Journals

Our E-Learning Journals allow you to observe your child’s day at nursery with the click of a button. Whether you are out shopping or sitting at your desk at work, you can securely login to your child’s E-Learning Journal and see just what they are getting up to while they are in our nursery. You will be notified when a new observation is uploaded.

Creche Services

At Happitots, we understand that getting those little tasks done while you have your child with you can be a bit more difficult… That’s why we offer a crèche service within our nursery offering value for money for you and lots of fun for your child! Simply fill out a registration form, pay for your session and head off to the shops or go to that hair appointment safe in the knowledge that your child is being well cared for by our long-standing and experienced staff.